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Academic Events

The School Leader Inspects the Teaching Work of the New Term

The autumn sky is clear, the air is crisp and the new semester is welcome; The teachers and students are working hard, and learning to sail again. On the morning of August 27th, the first day of the autumn semester, Dean Ye Zhong led the educational administration personnel, school work assistants and other personnel to the Xianlin Campus to inspect the teaching situation of the new semester.   

At 8:00 a.m., Mr. Ye and his entourage came to the Building of Xue Ming to learn about the teachers' preparation for the new semester, the attendance of students, the maintenance of the teaching environment and the use of teaching facilities in the Building of Xue Ming. In the first lesson, the teachers can get to the job in advance and prepare well for the class. The students were full of energy and arrived in class on time. No late and absence was found. The teaching environment is clean and harmonious, and all teaching work is progressing smoothly and orderly. 

On the basis of student-oriented, Dean Ye said that the new semester should further strengthen management, pay attention to the establishment of a harmonious learning environment and learning atmosphere, promote the construction of excellent academic style, and improve the effectiveness of undergraduate teaching.

New semester, new journey, new look, new action. It is expected that the students of the School of Teacher Education will establish their convictions and forge ahead in the new semester; strictly study themselves and study hard, be the new seekers and pioneers of the new era, and take every step of the way.