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Academic Events

The special lecture on biology of Jinling Education academic Forum was held successfully

On the morning of April 4, 2019, the special lecture of biology of Jinling Education academic Forum, sponsored by the School of teacher Education of Nanjing normal University, was successfully held in Xueming Building 512, xinlin Campus. The forum invited Professor Xie Kaibin of the School of teacher Education of Southern normal University, who gave a lecture entitled "the significance of Field work to Biology Teachers" for graduate students in the teaching of biology at level 18.

At the beginning of the lecture, Xie said that after investigation, field practice is the most impressive professional activity for 80% students majoring in biology. Then, by sharing his field work experience, teacher Xie explains why our students majoring in biology should practice in the field: first of all, field practice will make us fall in love with nature, and in the wild, people will be integrated with nature. To obtain real relaxation, but also emphasize that our biology students in outdoor travel should also pay more attention to some special biological phenomena, for the future biology teaching to accumulate rich material; Secondly, the rich activities of field practice will be unwittingly. More importantly, field practice will make us really fall in love with science, which is of great significance for us to become middle school biology teachers in the future.

Finally, teacher Xie pointed out that the process of field practice is not only beautiful, but also suffering, it will let us learn to bear hardships and stand hard work. When we appreciate the Tenggli Desert, "the desert is straight and the sun is round", when we are able to see the rare biological landscape and collect precious specimens, It should also be clear that these require strong perseverance and physical tiredness.