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Academic Events

The special training for normal students of new era on basic skills training strategy get started

A hundred years of planning is education-oriented, while focus of education is teacher-oriented. In order to further improve the quality of teachers in normal colleges, the Education Department has commissioned the Jiangsu Provincial Teacher Education Steering Committee to hold teacher-training since 2015. After careful preparation, the 2019 teacher-class professional  teacher training in the new era of teaching basic skills training strategy was officially started in Xianlin on June 19. Ma Bin, Director of the Teacher's Office of the Education Department of Jiangsu Province, Xu Lijun, Deputy Director of the Teacher's Office of the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education, Secretary-General of the Jiangsu Provincial Teacher Education Steering Committee and Ye Zhong, Dean of the Teacher Education College of Nanjing Normal University, attended the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony was hosted by Zhang Jie, Party Secretary of the School of Teacher Education of Nanjing Normal University.

First of all, Ye Zhong gave a welcome speech on behalf of the Provincial Teacher Education Professional Steering Committee and the Teacher Education College of Nanjing Normal University. Li Yuan, a teacher in education college of Nanjing Normal University, introduced the plan for this training.

This training was highly valued by the Education Department. At the beginning of the class, Ma Bin made an important speech on the basic training of the teachers in the new era. He raised ardent hopes and clear requirements for this training. In terms of teacherhood ,There must be five rules: the brain can think; the mouth can speak; the pen can write; the footstep is solid; the waist is hard. From a disciplinary point of view, there must be five rules: "everyone" wants to think; draw a point to set up ideas; draw a map to think; fill a form into thought; He hopes that every teacher must work hard to be an educator-type teacher, to be able to come up with an idea; to find a way; to build a mold; to sow a batch of seeds; to erect a flag.

This training centered on the overall requirements of the training department for the training arrangement. For the specific theme of the training, they adopted the ways of lectures, case studies, teaching observations, and special seminars. They arranged 6 special teachings and 1 on-site teaching and 1 seminar. The content system is rich and targeted. The selection of teachers are a strong lineup of well-known experts and scholars with both theoretical depth and rich practical experience.