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Academic Events

Visit Shows Teachers’ Solicitudes, Wishes Warm Hearts—— University leaders visit Zhuang Ronghua

On the afternoon of Jan. 17th, School deputy party secretary Wang Jian, Director of Academic Affairs Li Li, party committee secretary of Teacher Education College Zhang Jie, president of Teacher Education College Yang Zuodong, deputy party secretary Liu Gengsheng and college counselor Ying Zhiwei and Guo Chao came to Nanjing Gulou Hospital to visit Zhuang Ronghua, whose major is Physics teaching. School deputy party secretary Wang Jian and president of Teacher Education College Yang Zuodong, representing university and college, sent consolation money to Zhuang’s parents and hoped that he will soon be restored to health and come back to school.

Zhuang Ronghua is a junior majored in Physics Teaching in Nanjng Normal University. He is kind and public-spirited as he was once voted as the Outstanding Volunteer. And he joined in the Aid Education Activity to Chenzhuang, Anhui province. On the morning of Dec. 31st, 2016, Zhuang fainted and his heart halted suddenly in Zhu Jiang Road Underground. The staff of the underground, the policeman and the ambulance sent him to the GUlou Hospital at once. After doctors’ rescue, he is temporarily out of danger. But he is in a state of half unconsciousness and needs further treatment.

Over half a month, university leaders and teachers are all worry about Zhuang and take turns to stay in the hospital. University leaders took the initiative to donate to him and raised money for him in and out of the college. Till now, money they raised is near 300,000. Today is Zhuang’s birthday so Teacher Wang Jian came to the hospital especially to celebrate his birthday. At first, he asked the doctors about Zhuang’s current condition in detail and gave him the birthday cake. He encouraged Zhuang to confirm his confidence and overcome difficulties. He hoped that Zhuang will soon be restored to health and come back to school. Meanwhile, Wang Jian extended his greetings to Zhuang’s relatives and told them to take care of themselves so that they can better take care of the child. Zhuang’s parents were very touching and appreciated teachers and students’ concerns and supports. They said that they would go through difficulties and help Zhuang get over the illness.

Nanjing Normal University is a prestigious university with long history. The spirit of “treat students as kids” is a fine tradition which needs to be passed down. The university concerns about every student’s growth and development and tries hard to create the best environment for the students. We hope that Zhuang can recover soon and come back to his loving campus to compose his life melody.