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Chunqiong Liu Associate Professor

Research Interests: 
  • the research of moral development of adolescence
  • the study of basic theory of moral psychology
  • the research of relationship between moral development and teacher education

Educational Background

  • PhD, Psychology, Nanjing Normal University (2004)
  • MA, Psychology, Nanjing Normal University (2001)
  • BA, Industrial Foreign Trade, University of Zhejiang Technology (1995)

Research Projects

  • Sponsored research projects: 1 project fond by Educational Department of Jiangsu Province; 1 project fond by University of Toronto; 1 project fond by Nanjing Normal University; 4 other projects as important membership.

Journal Articles

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  1. Liu, C. and Wang, Y(2013). The moral development and moral education of middle school students. Beijing Normal University Press.
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