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Hongjia Ma Professor

Academic Area: 
  • Chemistry
  • Education
Research Interests: 
  • Chemistry Pedagogy
  • Curriculum of Chemistry
  • Study on Experiment of Chemistry

Education Background

  • BSc (1982) Chemistry Department of Nanjing Normal University, Nanjing

  • PhD (2005) Education Department of Nanjing Normal University, Nanjing 

Professional Experience

  • Teaching and Research on Chemistry Teaching and Learning in Nanjing Normal University, Nanjing   (1993-Present)

  • Teaching Chemistry at High school Attached to the Nanjing Normal University (1982-1993)

  • As a Scholarship Visitor in West Australia University,Australia (1995.3-1996.3)

  • As a Scholarship Visitor in McMaster University,Canada (2008.8-2009.8)

Journal Articles

  1. MA Hong-jia, Xu Hui,Chen Gong, An Empirical Study of the Correlation between the Support Degree of Teachers to the Students’ Autonomous Learning and the Students’ Chemistry Learning, Curriculum, Teaching Material and Method,2016,36(2)100-106
  2. MA Hong-jia, Chen Gong, Ling.L.Liang,Gavin W. Fulmer Empirical Study on Influencing Factors of Students’ Attitudes towards Science, Curriculum, Teaching Material and Method,2014,34(7)78-82
  3. MA Hong-jia, LI Xin-lu, Comparative Study on the Construction of the Internet Instruction System for “Chemistry and Socaety”, Curriculum, Teaching Material and Method, 2011, 332(6) 82-86
  4. MA Hong-jia, Chen Xian, The Main Content and Features of Irish Junior Certificate Science Syllabus, Curriculum, Teaching Material and Method,2010,235(11)108-112
  5. Derek Cheung, Ma Hong-jia, Jin Yang,Teachers’ Misconceptions About the Effects of Addition ofMore Reactions or Products on Chemical Equilibrium, International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education,2009(7)1111-1133
  6. MA Hong-jia, Chen Xiao-ming, Comparison and thought—form the results of Normal University Chemistry Students Doing College Entrance Examination Test Papers , Teaching and Learning Reference for Middle School Chemistry, 1-2,2006, 53-56
  7. MA Hong-jia, Li Ling, Aluminium Clusters, Chinese Journal of Chemical Education,2006,27(12) 5-7
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  9. Gou Dan, MA Hong-jia et al, Reveal the Eukaryotic Transcription on Molecular Basis –Roger D. Kornberg, the Prize Winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for 2006,Chemistry of life, 2007,27(1),7-9
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  1. Ma Hongjia. An Alignment Analysis of Junior High School Chemistry Curriculum Standards and City-Wide Exit Exams in China. 21st International Conference on Chemical Education. August 8 -13, 2010

  2. Liang Ling L. & Ma Hongjia. Improving Assessment System through Alignment Study: Lessons from Analyses of Standardized Exams and National Science Curriculum Standards (Grades 7-9). Global Chinese Conference on Science Education December 20-21 2010

Courses commonly taught

  1. Chemistry Pedagogy (undergraduate student courses)
  2. Curriculum of Chemistry (graduate student courses)
  3. Study on Experiment of Chemistry (graduate student courses)

Academic Title

  1. Secretary-General, the Chemistry Teaching Research Society of Jiangsu Province
  2. Chief Editor, Chemistry Teaching and Learning, Monthly,Published by Nanjing Normal University


  • Email:
  • Tel: (86-025) 83708455