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Hongyan Ren Associate Professor

Academic Area: 
  • Chemistry
  • Education
Research Interests: 
  • Chemistry Learning Psychology
  • Chemistry Education

Educational Background

  • PhD, Curriculum and Pedagogy, Nanjing Normal University (2005)
  • MA, Curriculum and Pedagogy, Nanjing Normal University (2000)
  • BA, Chemistry Education, Nanjing Normal University (1997)

Research Projects

  1. Principle investigator sponsored by Humanity and Social Science Foundation for Young Scientists from Ministry of Education in China: The Design and Exploitation of Instruction Expert System for Middle Chemistry Education, 2009-2014
  2. Principle investigator sponsored by the Jiangsu Province Education Science Planning office for the Tenth Five-years Youth Projects: The Research on Science Problem-solving Instruction based on Multiple Representation, 2006-2009

Research Articles

  1. Ren HY,Yin XJ, Zhang Y. Multiple Representation: The Chemical Equilibrium Ideas during Playing Cards, Chemistry Education, 2015(16)
  2. Ren HY, Duan YF, Li GZ. The Implication of Micro-learning-video in Instruction Tutor System, Chinese China Educational Technology,2014(6)
  3. Ren HY. Jin Y. A New Vision of Effective Instruction: The Instruction Tutor System based on Micro Lectures, The Theory and Practice of Education, 2013(10)
  4. Ren HY, Jiang HJ, Li GZ. A Research on Item Absolute Difficulty based on KPARC, China Exam, 2013(3)
  5. Ren HY, Wu Q. Thinking of a Chemistry Entrance Examination Problem, Chemical Instruction,2012(12)
  6. Ren HY, Li GZ. Research progresses of Toulmin’s Argumentation Model in Science Education, Foreign Primary and Secondary Education, 2012(9)
  7. Ren HY, Li X, Li GZ. The Absolute Difficulty Research of Ion Reaction based Multiple Analysis System, Chemical Instruction,2012(6)
  8. Ren HY, Li X, Li GZ. A Research of Absolute Difficulty Research of Ion Reaction based on MAS and CTA, China Exam,2011(12)
  9. Duan YF, Ren HY. Building Students’ Models Based on an Enhanced Concept-Effect Relationship in Intelligent Tutoring Systems,the 2nd International Conference on Multimedia Technology (ICMT2011) , July 26-28, 2011, Hangzhou, China,EI
  10. Ren HY, Han XL, Li GZ. A Research of Different Students’ Representation Deep on Covalence Bond, Chemistry Education,20111(9)
  11. Ren HY, Hong XQ. An Experiment on Measurement Ethyl Alcohol Structure Using Hand held technology, Chemistry Education,2010(8)
  12. Ren HY, Li GZ. A Model of Multiple Representation and Its Instruction Value during Science Problem Solving, Journal of Education Studies ,2009(2)
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  15. Ren HY, Li GZ. The Initial Studies on the Effectors of self-monitoring to Students’ Experimental Problem Solving, Chemistry Education,2005(1)
  16. Ren HY, Li GZ. An Investigation of Different Students’ Cognition on the Process of Water Boiling, Chemistry Education, 2005(9)
  17. Ren HY, Li GZ, A Software for Teaching and Learning based on Multiple Representation—NetLogo, Teaching and Learning Reference for Middle School Chemistry, 2005(1-2)
  18. Ren HY, Li GZ, The Reflection of Science Problem Solving Instruction, Curriculum · Teaching Material · Teaching Method, 2003(12)
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  20. Ren HY, Li GZ, Cheng P. A Case Study on Senior Students’ Chemical Problem Solving, Contemporary Education on Middle and elementary School, 2002(7)


  1. Ren HY, Cheng Pin, Li GZ. Chemistry Pedagogy Experiments(the third edition), Science Press, 2015 
  2. Li GZ, Ren HY. Explanations of Subject Instruction(Junior Chemistry), Hunan Education Press, 2015
  3. Li GZ, Ren HY. Measurements and Evaluations in Chemistry Instruction, Science Press, 2014
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  5. Ren HY. The Research on Chemical Problem Solving and its Instruction, Higher Education Press, 2008
  6. Li GZ, Ren HY. The Research on Chemical Problem Solving, Shandong Education Press, 2004

Honors and Awards

  1. Award for ‘Qing-Lan Project’ Excellent Young leading Teacher, Nanjing Normal University, 2014  
  2. Award for 9th ‘Teaching Top Ten’, Nanjing Normal University, 2013  
  3. Award for ‘Excellent Teacher’, Nanjing Normal University, 2008


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