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Jian Liu Professor

Academic Area: 

Educational Background

  • PhD, Educational Theory, Nanjing Normal University(2005-2008)
  • MA, Educational Administration, Nanjing Normal University (2001-2004) 
  • BA, Educational Administration, Nanjing Normal University (1994-1997)
  • Visiting Scholar, University of Alabama (USA) (2016-2017)

Research Interests

  • Teacher Education and Educational Administration, especially in The research of the virtues of teachers in a changing environment, The study of moral leadership of the headmaster in the flied of basic education, and the research of educational administration system in the period of the Republic of China.

Research Projects

  1. 2016-Present, The Research on the Behavior and Its Governance of School Bullying, Funded by National Educational Sciences Planning Office. 
  2. 2012-2016, The Research on the Educational Administration System in the Period of the Republic of China, funded by the Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Sciences of Jiangsu.
  3. 2012-2016, The Research on Teacher Educational Administration System in the Period of the Republic of China, funded by the Education Department of Jiangsu Province.
  4. 2010-2015, The Research on the Management Theory and Practice of Driving Schools in Jiangsu, funded by the Communications Department of Jiangsu Province.
  5. 2011-Present, Study on Moral Leadership under the Background of Harmonious Society, funded by the Jiangsu Educational Sciences Planning Office.
  6. 2013-2014, The Cooperative Instruction of Curriculum in Normal University, funded by Nanjing Normal University. 

Journal Articles (2014-2016)

  1. Jian, L. (2016). Avoiding the Vulgar Culture of Education, Education Daily of China, Jan, 22.
  2. Jian, L. (2016). On the Perspective of Anti-Vulgar Culture in the School, Journal of Nanjing Normal University (Social Science Edition). 2.
  3. Jian, L. (2016). On the Professional Ideal of New Teacher, Jiangsu Education. 41.
  4. Jian, L. (2015). The Risks and Its Avoidance of Teacher Education Substantiation, Educational Development Research. 24.
  5. Jian, L. (2015). The Tension of Academic and Politics: The Theory of Cai Yuanpei’s Educational Management Thought of De-administration, Journal of Nanjing Normal University (Social Science Edition). 4, 86-95.
  6. Jian, L. (2015). The Historical Reflection of Local Educational Administration System in the End of Qing Dynasty, Chinese Social Science Digest. 1, 70-71.
  7. Jian, L. (2015). Defense for Theory: Critique and Reconsideration of Rationalism of Teacher Education, Educational Research and Experiment. 4, 9-15.
  8. Jian, L. (2015). Be a Professional School Leader: Analysis the “Principal standards of Compulsory School of China”, Jiangsu Education. 12, 34-35.
  9. Jian, L. (2014). Subject, intelligence, morality: Reflection and Construction of Curriculum’s Practice of Teacher Education, Education Development Research. 24, 58-63.
  10. Jian, L. (2014). The Moral Basis of School Management: Virtue, Norm and Community, Journal of Hebei Normal University(Educational Science Edition). 5, 89-95.
  11. Jian, L. (2014). The Historical Investigation of Local Educational Administration System in the End of Qing Dynasty, Journal of Nanjing Normal University( Social Science Edition). 3, 88-94.
  12. Jian, L. (2014). Three Types and Application of Theory of Distributed Educational Leadership, Primary and Middle School Management. 4, 33-34.

Books and Textbooks

  1. Jian, L. (2014). The Research of Modern Educational Administrative System in China. Shanghai, Shanghai Education Press.
  2. Jian, L. (Chief Editor) (2015). The Professional Ethics of Kindergarten Teachers. Shanghai, East China Normal University Press. 
  3. Jian, L. (Subeditor) (2014), Yue, Y. (Chief Editor). The Basic Educational Knowledge of Secondary School, Beijing, Beijing Normal University Press.
  4. Jian, L. (Edited) (2012), Hongqi, C. (Chief Editor). Educational Administration, Beijing, Higher Education Press.
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  9. Jian, L. (Edited) (2014), Xuejun, C (Chief Editor). Tao Xingzhi’s Practice and Thoughts of Educational Administration. Shanghai, Shanghai Education Press.

Honors and Awards

  • The 13th Outstanding Achievement of Social Science Award of Jiangsu (2014), Jiangsu province (with Zhang, Chen, Liu, and Wang.)

Academic Title

  1. Member, National Professional Committee of Educational Administration.
  2. Member, Collaborative Innovation Centre of the Model of Talent Cultivation for Basic Education of Jiangsu province.
  3. Member, Education Administration professional committee of Education Association of Jiangsu province.


  • Cell: +86-025-83598185
  • E-Mail: