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Jianlong Lu Professor

Research Interests: 
  • Physics
  • Physics Curriculum and Pedagogy

Educational Background

  • MA, College of Physics and Technology, Nanjing Normal University (1986)
  • BA, College of Physics and Technology, Nanjing Normal University (1983)

Journal Articles

  1. The thinking and practice of integrating IYPT into physics teaching in Senior High School-Taking the electric potential teaching as an example.Chen Chen,Wang Feng,Lu Jianlong.Physics Teacher,2016,37(5):2-8
  2. Breakthroughs in neutrino research and the Nobel prize in Physics.Hu Yuchen,Lu Jianlong.Physics Teacher,2016,37(2):63-68
  3. A preliminary study on the evaluation function of physical college entrance examination in Jiangsu Province in 2015.Jiang Pingping,Lu Jianlong.Physics Teacher,2016,37(3):73-76
  4. Analysis and Countermeasures of Experimental problem of Jiangsu physical college entrance examination based on PISA.Chen Yi,Lu Jianlong.Physics Teacher,
  5. 2016,37(3):79-84
  6. Talking about the educational value of the discrimination between the U-I image and volt ampere characteristic curve.Jiang Linfeng,Lu Jianlong.
  7. Physics Teacher,2016,37(4):91-93
  8. Constructing a teaching mode of creative thinking based on solving physical problems .Tan Zhizhong,Lu Jianlong.Research in Teaching,2015,38(5):29-34
  9. Investigation and Research on the implementation status of the prerequisites in Peking University-Based on the survey data of pilot schools in Nanjing City.Gu Jian,Lu Jianlong.Shanghai Research on Education,2015(6):9-12
  10. The comparison and enlightenment between Jiangsu physical college entrance examination and physical volume model based on the ability in recent years.Gu Jian,Lu Jianlong.Physics Teaching,2015,37(2):58-61
  11. The multi factor analysis of the IYPT match problem solving and Its Enlightenment to the physics experiment teaching in Senior High School.Chen Chen,Lu Jianlong.Physics Teacher,2014,35(10):93-96
  12. Review and research on the physical college entrance examination in Jiangsu Province.Physics Teacher, 2013, 34(11):4-6
  13. Investigation and reflection on the implementation of the "two development" of new curriculum materials for senior high school physics teachers.Chen Ye,Lu Jianlong.Physics Teacher, 2013, 34(1):18-20
  14. Analyzing the source of textbooks and teaching suggestions of Jiangsu physical college entrance examination in recent 5 years.Lin Ping,Lu Jianlong.Physics Teacher, 2013, 34(4):18-20
  15. The enlightenment from the Japanese Nobel prize winner.Dou Lin,Lu Jianlong. Physics Teacher, 2012(8):50-53
  16. Starting in the study;Continuing in the discussion;Upgrading in experience-International Young Physicists’ Tournament(IYPT) and its educational function.Fang Yi,Lu Jianlong.Physics Teacher, 2012(2):4-7
  17. Construction of equivalent model of 3D cubic n - order resistance network.Tan Zhizhong,Lu Jianlong.Journal of Hangzhou Normal University(Natural Science Edition),2011,9(6):464-467
  18. Unified construction of equivalent resistance of polygonal network.Tan Zhizhong,Lu Jianlong.Journal of Hebei Normal University(Natural Science Edition),2011, 35(02):140-144
  19. Cognitive model construction of physical problem solving.Tan Zhizhong,Lu Jianlong.Higher Education of Sciences,2011,99(5):7-13
  20. The structure design and teaching strategies of physical root problem in senior high school.Sheng Baoji,Lu Jianlong.Physics Teacher,2011,32(6):9-11
  21. Chandrasekhar’s 100 years.Lv Ming,Lu Jianlong.Physics Teaching,2011,33(3):62-63
  22. A study of the influence of physics former concept on students' thinking of problem solving.Wu Nengping,Lu Jianlong.Physics Teacher,31(12):11-14
  23. A preliminary study on the well-structured grap of physical problem solving.Zhu Lingjian,Lu Jianlong.Pysics Teacher,2010,31(4):8-10
  24. A general study on the equivalent complex impedance of the two terminal ladder network.Tan Zhizhong,Lu Jianlong. College Physics,2009,28(7):29-33
  25. Preparation and spectroscopic characterization of Cr3+ doped alumina nano template.Min Kangli,Lu Jianlong. Journal of Nanjing Normal University(Natural Science Edition),2009,32(02):51-54
  26. A parameter equation and practical equation of the shot’s optimum putting angle considering the air resistance.Cai Zhidong,Lu Jianlong.College Physics,2006,25(10):16-22
  27. A comparative study on the teaching materials of "electromagnetic field and electromagnetic wave" at home and abroad.Ding Lan,Lu Jianlong. Research on higher education of science and Engineering, 2006, 25(1):93-94
  28. Construction of excellent courses and the teaching reform of electromagnetic field and electromagnetic wave.Ding Lan,Lu Jianlong. Journal of Inner Mongolia Normal University(Educational Science), 2006, 19(7):119-121
  29. The guiding strategy and practice of choosing research study.Bi Lan,Lu Jianlong. Higher Education of Sciences, 2004(2):110-114
  30. Taking self focusing lens as an example to discuss the education of technology innovation.Su Guiying,Lu Jianlong. Physics and Engineering, 2004, 14(01):44-46
  31. Discussion on 90 degree phase shift in the solution of free propagation vector graph.Su Guiying,Hua Jianing,Lu Jianlong.Journal of Hebei Normal University(Natural Science Edition), 2004, 28(02):147-148
  32. Study of the Rotary Eddy Direction in Pool and Formation of Cyclone.Wu Peiyun,Lu Jianlong. Journal of Hebei Normal University(Natural Science Edition), 2004, 28(02):143-146
  33. Equivalent resistance of three terminal ladder network.Tan Zhizhong,Lu Jianlong,Wu Guoxiang. Journal of Hebei Normal University(Natural Science Edition), 2004, 28(03):258-262
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  44. Gamma-ray emission from pulsar.Zhao.Y.H.,LU T.,Huang K.L.,Lu J.L.,Peng Q.H . Astro.Astrophys .vol.223,147


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Honors and Awards

  1. 2013-2014Nanjing Normal University outstanding teacher award,2014
  2. The third session national excellent teacher of the master of teacher,2012
  3. <Electrodynamics> charged by Lu Jianlong won the excellent courses of colleges and universities in Jiangsu Province,2010
  4. The topic-“Research on the development of the research study in the teaching of physics in higher education and cultivating students' innovative ability” won the second prize in Jiangsu provincial excellent teaching achievement.2005
  5. The topic-” The research and practice of electrodynamics teaching reform under the guidance of the concept of inquiry learning” won the second prize in The eleven excellent teaching achievements in Nanjing Normal University.2002
  6. The third session of top ten young teachers' teaching contest.2000
  7. The topic-” Practice and thinking of theoretical physics teaching in adult education” won the first prize in Excellent teaching achievements of Adult Higher Education
  8. Young teachers’ Double Excellence Award of work and study in Nanjing Normal University

Academic Title

  • Deputy Director of the Research Center of Basic Education, Nanjing Normal University
  • Executive Director of National Electrodynamics Studies Association


  • Email: