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Jiling Gu Associate Professor

Academic Area: 
Research Interests: 
Mathematics Curriculum and Teaching Theory

Educational Background

  1. PhD,College of Mathematical and Computer Science, Nanjing Normal University(2004)
  2. MA,College of Mathematical and Computer Science, Nanjing Normal University(1997)
  3. BA, Departments of Mathematics, Nanjing Normal University(1994) 

Research Interests

  • Mathematics Curriculum and Teaching Theory

Research Projects

  1. Beijing Normal University Research Center of Basic Education Curriculum topics,Ministry of Education,Research on Mathematics Curriculum Value Orientation,March,2008- March,2011.
  2. Beijing Normal University Research Center of Basic Education Curriculum topics ,Ministry of Education, Reearch on the Junior High School Mathematics Teachers’ Understanding and Creative Using Textbook,January,2014- January,2017
  3. Nanjing Normal University,Practical Study on Full-Time Master of Teaching Ability,May,2015- May,2017

Journal Articles

  1. Try New Teaching, Subject Education, 2001(8)
  2. The Introduction of Irrational Numbers,Experiment and Analysis of New textbook,High School Mathematics Teaching Reference,2002(11).
  3. Analysis and Thoughts on Mathematics View of  the New textbook,Journal of Mathematics Education,2003(2)
  4. What is a Good Lesson ,Mathematics communications,2005(1)
  5. Keep a Good Degree about the Application of Mathematics,Journal of Mathematical Communications,January,2006(8)
  6. The Meaning and Implementation of Mathematical Problem Context Teaching ,High School Mathematics Teaching Reference, 2007(3)
  7. Textbook Design and Teaching Implementation of Teaching Material Design and Teaching Implementation“Rational Number and its Operation”, Chinese Mathematics Education ,2007(10)
  8. The Professional Development of Mathematics TeachersUnder the New Curriculum,Chinese Mathematics Education ,2008(4)
  9. Concern about the Process of Mathematics Teaching ,Curriculum.Textbook . Teaching methods,2010(1)
  10. Talk Again about "Symbol Sense",Chinese Mathematics Education ,2010(4)
  11. A Review of the Research on the Concept of Domestic Space,Hunan Education,2010(8)
  12. Discussion on Probability and its Statistics Definition ,Chinese Mathematics Education ,2010(7-8)
  13. Textbooks,Teachers and Students——Think from a Mathematics Communication Class,Journal of Mathematical Communications,2011(1)
  14. Let the Students Experience the Process of Mathematics,High School Mathematics Teaching Reference,2011(7)
  15. Reflections on Inquiry Activities Design in Junior High School Mathematics Textbook,Journal of Mathematics Education,2012(3)
  16. Review on the Research of Mathematics Teaching Model Guided by Learning Plan, Journal of mathematical Communications,2012(12)
  17. Investigation Research on the “space sense” Present Situation of Nine-Grade Students, Journal of Mathematics Education,2013(4) 
  18. Focus on the Basic Experience in Mathematics Activities, Journal of Mathematics Education,2016(1)


  • Teaching Design of High School Mathematics ,Beijing Normal University Press,2015

Honors and Awards

  • Excellent teacher of National Fourth Degree Master of Education,the National Steering Committee on Education Professional Degree Graduate Education,July,2014

Academic Title

  • A core member of the Junior middle school mathematics teaching material drawing board, a committee member of board of national mathematics curriculum standard experimental textbook and work, as well as chief editor of 7-9th fascicles of compulsory education mathematics curriculum standard experimental textbook (version of Beijing normal university).


  • Email: