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Jinxiang Yao Associate Professor

Academic Area: 
  • History
  • Education
Research Interests: 
  • History Pedagogy
  • Curriculum of History
  • History Examination and Evaluation in Middle School

Education Background

  • BA(1987), History, Nanjing Normal University , Nanjing
  • MA(2007), Education, Nanjing Normal University , Nanjing

Research Projects 

  • Assist in hosting and completing the project named“Curriculum Standard Training for History Teachers in Junior Middle School” supported by Ministry of Education;led or participated in a lot of key projects supported by Ministry of Education and research programs supported by Jiangsu Education Department, such as “A historical review of China's college entrance examination in one hundred years and its Modern Enlightenment ”, “The moral education infiltration in History”, “The reform of classroom teaching modes of Teacher Education under the conditions of new curriculum”, “Research and application of the methods of teaching ability training for Normal University Students”, etc


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  2. Research of History education examination[M], Harbin: Journal of Northeast Normal University Press , 2008.12;
  3. The lead of practice for new history curriculum in middle school[M], Nanjing: Nanjing Normal University Press, 2010.1;
  4. Research of History curriculum and teaching[M], Nanjing: Nanjing Normal University Press, 2014.11.

Journal Articles

  1. Assessment on the knowledge system and teaching content of Experimental High School History Textbook[J], History Teaching, 2005(3).
  2. Talking about the value orientation of history education in ancient Chinese from Qian Muwei's view of history[J], History Teaching, 2007(8).
  3. Selection of materials and design of problems in the course of history teaching[J], History Teaching, 2008(10).
  4. On the teaching of local history of the mainland and its standardization[J], Tsinghua History teaching (Taiwan), 2007(5).
  5. Teaching emphasis and strategy of the history of modern science[J], History Teaching, 2009(5).
  6. The problems and Countermeasures in the implementation of the new curriculum of history in Senior High School[J], Middle School History Teaching Reference, 2009(10).
  7. One more point of view and more historical knowledge[J], History Teaching and Research, 2011(2).
  8. The improvement and development of history curriculum theory in the middle school[J], History Teaching, 2012(5).
  9. On the teaching strategy of the understanding of the historical problems in the multi period from the evaluation of the imperial examination system[J], History Teaching, 2012(8).
  10. The main problems and Countermeasures of the design learning case design[J], Middle School History Teaching Reference, 2012(7). 
  11. On the methods of using evidence in history teaching mainly about the content of the course in prehistoric times[J], History Teaching, 2014(9).
  12. Discussion on the evaluation of the history classroom[J], School history teaching, 2015(11).
  13. Focus on the examination design and teaching requirements in the value of historical evidence[J], History Teaching, 2015(9).

Academic Title 

  1. Executive director of Professional committee for History Teacher Education in Chinese Teacher Education Institute ;
  2. Academic Committee of Professional committee for History Teaching in China Educational Society.