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Xian Chen Professor

Research Interests: 
Physics Education

Educational Background

PhD, Curriculum and Instruction, Nanjing Normal University (2005)

MA, Physics Teaching Pedagogy, Beijing Normal University (1987)

BA, Physics Teacher Education, Xuzhou Teacher College (1984)

Research Projects

Processing  Assessment for BS Curriculum named “Research on Physics Curriculum Standards and Textbooks”. Nanjing Normal University.2017-2019

Establishment and Development the Group in Science Teaching Skill. Nanjing Normal University. 2014-2018

Case Library for Physics Instruction. Nanjing Normal University. 2013-2015

Journal Articles

An Investigation of Pre-service Science Teacher Education Curricula in Ireland——A Case Study in University of Limerick. Primary & Secondary Schooling Abroad.2017 (7)

Research on Teaching Value of Learning Physics by Taking Photo of Phenomena. Physics Teacher.2016(9)

Developing the Ability of Pre-service Physics Teacher on Taking Advantage of Curriculum Resources. Physics Teacher.2016(7)

Study on American Physics Textbooks for High School. Physics Teaching. 2014(11)

Comparative Study on Physics Curriculum in High School between China and Ireland. Physics Teaching,2012 (1)

Review, Reflection and Prospect: Research on Physics Curriculum and Instruction in the Past Thirty Years. Curriculum, Teaching Material and Method. 2011(7)

The Main Content and Features of the Iresh Junior Certificate Science Syllabus. Curriculum, Teaching Material and Method. 2010(11)

Alignment between the Physics Content Standard and Exam. Curriculum, Teaching Material and Method.2010(7)

The Features and Trends of the Teaching of Physics Experiments in American Secondary Schools after the Reform of Textbooks. Curriculum, Teaching Material and Method. 2007(4)


Research on Views of multiple of Intelligences and Physics teaching Strategies. Higher Education Press.2008.

Honors and Awards

Outstanding Tutor for Master Degree Students by China National Education Supervisory Committee.2016

Academic Title

Executive member of the council in Physics Instruction Committee of Chinese Education Society.2014-2018.


Tel: +86-025-83598780