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Xiaojing Zhou Associate Professor

Academic Area: 
Research Interests: 
  • Teacher education
  • Moral erucation

Educational Background

  1. PhD, pedagogics principle, Nanjing Normal University (2006)
  2. MA, Ideological and political education, Nanjing Normal University (2001)
  3. BA, Ideological and political education, Nanjing Normal University (1992)

Research Projects

  • Rearch on teacher education system of Jiangsu Province,2012
  • Rearch on the view of teachers' image,2008

Journal Articles

  1. Reform and Thinking on Practice Curriculum of Teacher Education,2011
  2. Theory of Teacher as A School Education Resource,2012
  3. Research on Durkheim's Moral Education Thoughts,2010
  4. Phenomenological Perspective of Teacher Education, 2008
  5. Perspective of Discipline in School Education ,2008
  6. Enlightenment of Herbart's Moral Education Thoughts, 2008
  7. Live A Real Life in Class, in 2007
  8. Move towards the Harmonious Teachers' Discourse, 2007
  9. Knowledge and Morality, 2006
  10. Teacher:Walk Through the role between people and natural person, 2006
  11. Calling Upon the education of honesty, 2006
  12. There Are No Secrets to Grow Up, 2006
  13. Education in A Maths Class, 2005
  14. Poetic Course: A New Thought on School Moral Education, 2005
  15. Theory of Sukkomlinsky's Intellectual educational thought, 2005
  16. Abuses of Teacher's Ethnics Turning into Personal Morals, 2005


  • Theory of Moral Education Curriculum, 2010
  • Teacher Leadership, 2014

Honors and Awards

  1. In 2008, crowned the seventh Yong Teachers“Top Ten in Teaching” of Nanjing Normal University.
  2. In 2010, awarded the Excellent Teacher prize of Nanjing Normal University.
  3. In 2009-2011, crowned ”Advanced Individual” in teacher’s ethnics of Nanjing Normal University.
  4. In 2012, the monograph <Theory of Moral Education Curriculum> won the third prize in 12th philosophy and social science outstanding achievements.
  5. In 2014, awarded  the 2nd  prize of Stste-level Teaching Achievement.


  • Tel:+86-25-85891816