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Zuodong Yang Professor

Academic Area: 
Research Interests: 
  • The nonlinear differential equation
  • Mathematical Education

Educational Background

  • PhD, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (2002)
  • BA, Fundamental Mathematics, Henan Normal University (1982)

Professional Experiences

In June 1982, he graduated from Henan normal university department of mathematics basic math major and stayed in teaching after graduation. He served as the “journal of Henan normal university (natural science edition)” journal editor, deputy director of the editor and Henan normal university during from May 1999 to December 2002. In November 1992, he was promoted to associate professor and was promoted to professor abnormality in November 1996. In September 1999, he was admitted to Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics science PhD and got doctoral degree in June of 2002. In December 2002, he was transferred to Nanjing normal university for school work. In December 2003 - May 2006, he served as Nanjing normal university journal editor, deputy director of the "journal of Nanjing normal university (natural science edition)" the standing deputy editor and the “journal of Nanjing normal university (engineering and technology edition)” the standing deputy editor. In May 2006 - December 2012, he worked as Nanjing normal university and vice President of the north central academy. From January 2013 to December 2013, he served as vice President of the strengthening training institute of Nanjing normal university. Now he works as professor, doctoral supervisor and the dean of the college of education, Nanjing normal university.

Research Projects

He participated in Natural Science Foundation of China, The ministry of education doctoral fund and 5 projects from the ministry of education for outstanding young teachers. He has presided 3 department of science and education department of Henan province natural science foundation project. Now, he presided over one of colleges and universities in Jiangsu province natural science foundation project and 1 item of national natural science foundation of corpus. In addition, he host country subject "research applied talents training mode in colleges and universities" corpus key projects and an issue of Nanjing normal university educational reform. In recent years, he published over 120 papers in core journals at home and abroad Applied Math. Letters, Journal of Computational and Applied Math, J. Math Anal Appl, Applied Math And Computation, Annales Polonici Mathematic, Archives of Inequalities and Applications, Appl. Anal, Nonlinear Anal, Math.Meth. in the Applied Sci, Rocky Mountain Jounal of Mathematics,  International Journal of Math and Math Sci, Comm. In Nonlinear Science & Numerical Simulation, Complex Variables and Elliptic Equations, International Journal Computer Math, Journal App. Math.Comput., Computer and Math. With Appl,  International J. Diff.Equations, Communication Math.Anal., Differential Equations Appl., Electric J. Differential Equations, Chaos Solitons Fractals, Boundary Value Problems, J.Appl.Math.Informatics, Differential and Integral Equations, Journal of mathematics, annals of mathematics, journal of mathematical physics, applied mathematics and mechanics, the partial differential equation of journal, journal of colleges and universities of applied mathematics, mathematics study and review, journal of Beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics, journal of southeast university of Nanjing, applied mathematics, journal of applied functional analysis, differential equation of the annual review, journal of nonlinear dynamics, journal of engineering mathematics

Honors and Awards

  1. In 1996, he won the second prize of reward fund for outstanding young teachers in Henan province.
  2. In 1997, he received Xianzi Zeng award for teachers in Normal colleges education foundation.
  3. In 1998, he was named outstanding teachers in Henan province.
  4. In 2004, he got the prize of excellent doctoral thesis of Beijing University of aeronautics and astronautics.
  5. In 2009, He was named Nanjing normal university excellent graduate student mentor.
  6. In 2012, he was rated as Ethics advanced individual of Nanjing Normal University. 

Academic Title

  • Secretary General of Jiangsu Provincial Council of Teachers' Education and Instruction
  • Secretary General of Jiangsu Provincial Association for Teacher Education Research